RUMOR: Christina Leaving RCA

Posted By jessy On 23.02.2013 » Add Comment (0)

The American singer, Christina Aguilera might leave RCA due to lack of support and poor current strategies and because they don’t seem to be interested in the fate of the album “Lotus”.

Aguilera, one of the female artists who has sold many albums in the past, would be willing to leave RCA, because Lotus has had no support and only one video was recorded.

Despite this passivity, the album has sold over 220,000 copies in EUU and about 350,000 worldwide. However, these figures are far from other Aguilera productions exceeding a million copies and achieved several Billboard hits. Currently, only the single “Just a Fool” has made digital sales in excess of 350,000, despite having a video or promotional tour.

It is said that the fate of the “Voice” could be the Capitols Records label that has artists like Katy Perry who has been very well promoted in recent years.