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GORGEOUS pop princess Christina Aguilera talks confidence, seduction and her brand new fragrance

What was your inspiration for Red Sin?

I created Red Sin with my love of red lipstick in mind – sometimes a touch of red is all you need to feel empowered, seductive and simply irresistible. This fragrance is a celebration of how glorious it is to be a woman.

How did you choose the name for this fragrance?

I love red and I think it’s more than just a colour, it evokes an emotion. When you wear red it makes you feel empowered and sexy. For me, sin is all about temptation and the power of seduction. Red Sin is a combination of those elements to make women feel irresistible.

Developing a fragrance is quite a creative process – where did you start for Red Sin?

For all my fragrances, I start by thinking of an emotion or mood that I want to create. For instance, I love wearing red lipstick and it always just evokes that feeling of being seductive and irresistible. I looked for ingredients which are seductive and exotic to bring that feeling of being irresistible to every woman – so that’s where I started for Red Sin.

What are the key ingredients in Red Sin?

For Red Sin, I wanted to create a scent that elicits feelings of indulgence and seduction. I was inspired by seductive & tempting ingredients like red cyclamen which is known as the sacred flower of love in parts of Asia and used to be included in love elixirs.

To create a full fragrance, I’ve layered that so it opens with some really sweet notes to create a feeling of indulgence. From there, floral notes add a touch of femininity. And there is musk which is always a key ingredient in all of my fragrances. Red Sin has a beautiful sandalwood that is so smooth and sexy

How involved are you in the creation of your fragrances?

I am always very involved in the development of my fragrances. They have my name on them so I want them to be scents I love and wear. Each one really embodies the different aspects and emotions a woman can feel.

How do you choose the ingredients for your fragrances?

I always start with the mood I want a fragrance to convey and I like the top note to really express that. So I start going through a lot of different ingredients and choosing the ones I like. From there, we create samples with all different combinations of those ingredients. Sometimes it can be a bit of a sensory overload but when I got to smelling the sample that became Red Sin, I just knew it was the one!

What is your favourite part of creating a fragrance?

I love creating my fragrances – everything from the initial idea to selecting the ingredients and packaging. It’s so hard to choose my favourite part but I would say that I love the moment I hold the bottle in my hands for the first time. It’s such a long process to get there from the initial idea – it feels like a dream to actually see and smell the finished product!

How is Red Sin different from your other fragrances?

Each of my fragrances creates a different mood – Red Sin is all about being tempting and irresistible. While I like all my scents to have a musky, sensual side, Red Sin has this amazing mix of sweet and spicy that I think makes the woman wearing it too tempting to resist!

Who was Red Sin created for?

This fragrance is for women who want to feel empowered to show their feminine and seductive side. It’s a celebration of how amazing it is to be a woman – we can be playful, sexy and confident all while living our day-to-day lives.

You have five fragrances now – when do you like to wear Red Sin?

I think Red Sin is the perfect fragrance for any occasion or time of day when you want to spice things up so you feel seductive and irresistible.

How would you describe the Red Sin bottle?

The Red Sin bottle is curvaceous and luxurious. I am in love with the red lace print – lace is so sexy and feminine and it always puts you in a seductive mood. Topped off with a stylish bow, it’s the perfect finishing touch. I think it shows that every woman can feel irresistible

What is the idea behind the campaign for Red Sin?

This campaign shows that all you need is red to feel irresistible. It captures a moment of transformation from the everyday woman into a red seductress

Why do you think so many celebrities are creating fragrances these days?

For me, I love being creative, expressing myself and connecting with my fans. There are so many different platforms to do that – whether it be singing, acting, creating my fragrances. But, at the end of the day, I only get involved in projects I’m passionate about. I have always loved the way a certain scent can remind you of a person or a special moment – so I wanted to try to create those of my own.

Red has become your signature lip colour. Why do you love it so much?

I find a red lip so empowering. It’s feminine and classic while being bold and sexy. I love wearing red lipstick so much, it inspired me to develop my fragrance, Red Sin. They’re both the epitome of a modern women – bold and confident yet tempting and seductive. A combination that’s simply irresistible!

What is your favourite red lipstick?

I have so many red lipsticks but I would say my absolute favourite is Lipsense.

Some women think that red lips don’t suit them but it’s just a matter of finding the right shade that suits you. They come in warm and cool tones and so many different shades – the choices are endless

What can any woman do to make herself feel seductive and irresistible?

To start with, I think it’s all about feeling confident within yourself and then expressing your sexiness in different ways. A great pair of heels, a flash of red lipstick, a spritz of a special fragrance – they can all bring out our feminine and seductive side.

If you had one secret beauty tip to share what would it be?

I always use a lip exfoliator before applying my lipstick, so it looks smooth and sexy. I also love reverse lip liners -they are colourless and you put them on the skin outside your lips so your lipstick doesn’t bleed.

How has your look evolved over the years? What are your beauty and style obsessions?

I think my look is constantly evolving but at the same time, I always stay true to who I am and a style that reflects my personality. I take a lot of inspiration from performing as well as looking back at fashion through the ages to adapt it with a modern twist.

My constant beauty obsession is red lips – I just can’t get enough red lipsticks! Put that on with a little red dress and there’s nothing sexier.

You are an idol and inspiration for girls/young women around the world. Do you have a message for them?

Be confident in yourself and stay true to who you are.

Which of your fragrances do you like to wear in summer?

Each of my fragrances sets a certain mood, rather than being for a certain season. Having said that, I often like to be a bit more provocative and seductive in summer, so Red Sin will be perfect!

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